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    Victor 150 issues



    Victor 150 issues

    Post by lennya12threh on Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:44 pm

    I am in Thailand, and there are alot of 2-strokes but most of them are not cared for and don't perform very well.

    I want to do some inspection, cleaning or replacing depending on the conditions. Kawasaki Victor 150cc.

    The bike still has an issue where it starts to run shitty, and wale in mid rpms, loosing all power and sounding like it is getting starved of fuel. But it only happens when the engine gets hot, but it never over-heats. For the first 5 minutes, every time, it always drives great and is full of power as it getting warm. It just starts to have problems after 5-10 minutes of driving. I haven't been using it much recently, and still also need to go check if the piston for this model is supposed to have 2 rings or 3 rings. I was told if this is off it will result in a lose of power as it gets warmer, until it seizes. I got the piston changed 3 months ago and got a 2 ring piston put in to replace the 2 ring one that was already in it. I currently premix the fuel and have the autolube taken out. I do about 20-25ml to the liter of fuel. I use Benzyne 91 fuel.

    Attached is a pic. On the far right you can see the fuel line going into the carb, and just to the left, the choke. Before I had this all taken apart including that black piece in between the carb and the engine, and it all looked spotless and clean so put it back together. I did notice that grey metal piece that the fuel line goes to (from the tank) and the choke is located on, could be taken apart into 2 or 3 pieces but didn't bother at the time.

    So where is the fuel filter and the jets located here? Also, what is that big black box that says RIS on it stemming from beside the carb. Before I had it off but couldn't find any way to open it. It always seems moist with fuel or oil or something but can't figure out where it could be coming from.

    Thanks for any insight.


    Re: Victor 150 issues

    Post by faiz_krr on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:16 am

    hai, welcome to this forum. Hope we can share each other the knowledge what ever related to ours especially about ours bike.

    As i read your post,first is i would like to know how old is your victor now?..it is use superkips(hi-kips) or just kips power valve system?..because i couldn't see any picture there.

    About the piston,kips use 2 ring from as it standard factory setup. From your problem mention, it is supposed cause by lean carburetor setup as when the engine is cold it deliver power that you need and as it getting warmer the fuel mixture become hotter and sometime pre ignition occurs and can cause the piston to seizes. I am suggesting you that the carb need to be rejetted and i recommended you to use ratio for oil and fuel mix ratio at 30 : 1 (fuel:oil). but i still recommend use to use autolube as it more good as it has 2 supply line(1 go through crank and 1 go through reed valve) to inject oil into the engine compare if you premix with fuel.(The fuel and oil mixture only enter the engine form carb)

    RIS box is something to do(act as surge tank) with the reed valve inside the black piece between the carb and the engine. Grey metal that you mention is known as reed valve. Make sure that this box connection is fit.

    Fuel filter should be located at the fuel line after the fuel cock and before the carburetor. The jet is located inside the carb(pilot jet, main jet) and at the carb there is to main screw(one is throttle valve screw and another one is main air screw).

    i hope this post can help you a little bit on the technical as i am not really expert on technical.


    Re: Victor 150 issues

    Post by lennya12threh on Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:18 am

    Thanks so much for your insight. I always have trouble finding help on 2-stroke issues, but it looks like I found the right place.

    It is a 14 year old Victor with 80,000 kms on it. Says super kips on it. So the piston should be ok, unless the mechanic fitted the piston wrong or didn't take care fitting the rings correctly. :O Very old, but when I got it, and now, it still looks almost new. The previous owner (only one for 14 years) seemed to take of it quite well on the outside, and apparently never drove it hard. This was apparent as when I first got it it drove great until you gave it some throttle and it would clog up. I got the exhaust cleaned out and a huge mountain of black shit came out and then it had a lot of power. Then after driving it a while the piston failed from being too lean (all white and crystalized looking, and the rings were melted into the piston). So I got the piston replaced and started pre-mixing to make sure I had the right 2T ratio for fear of the auto lube being faulty.

    But now the problem persists.

    Well I didn't know a lean carb mixture would cause problem as it heats up. So it is too lean then probably. Too much air and not enough fuel I guess. It does sound like the engine is getting starved at mid rpms after hot, and even at high rpms, though it can pull through and hit the power band a bit. It just feels like it's going sieze or something when it's all warmed up. But as it's warming up it has massive power that can make everyone look and 2nd gear is extremely fun. Very Happy

    Well I guess I will take off the carb again and inspect it, focusing on the fuel filter to see if it's gunked up or something. Then take it to Kawa and tell them I want new, factory jets put in. About the auto lube, I hear many people just premix and think it's better. I like premixing because I know how much 2T is going in rather than just looking for smoke. Plus for piece of mind I would probably need to replace the pump if I was to use it because I fear it wasn't working properly before when I was having issues. Maybe it is fine though and the problem is just the jets.

    Anyways, thanks for all the help and I'll post again with updates. Very Happy



    Re: Victor 150 issues

    Post by alldisc on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:05 am


    IMO get the power valve system checked too.
    Once, i send my bike to a normal mechanic to replace the piston. and he installed the pv gear incorrectly.

    engine performance does not change much though, not very noticeable but it did feel sluggish. so when i was getting the piston changed again after 20K mileage, the mechanic told me the pv gear was not ok. after new piston was fitted he make sure the pv setting was ok and voila, now bike is smoother than ever. i love my KRZ.

    but we must take the strong advice from faiz_krr, fyi he is the technical consultant in this forum. do plan a ride to malaysia, we will welcome you with open hearts! Very Happy


    Re: Victor 150 issues

    Post by lennya12threh on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:08 pm

    i think the power valve is ok but i'll get kawasaki to check it out.

    about making it to malaysia. I dunno if this bike could. :p

    Anyways. So there are two mixtures to consider. The air to fuel in the carb, and the 2T to fuel in the mix/autolube. I'm guessing that more air in general means more power (carb) unless it's too much of course like mine, and less 2T also means more power, although you need certain amounts to keep the piston moving smoothly. Before I had never really thought of the air/fuel mixture before.

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    Re: Victor 150 issues

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