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    a ride try out :D


    a ride try out :D

    Post by khalafawy on Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:52 am

    I jz tried out my kips after a major overhaul and the power block change,,,its damn NICE ,,the rush of crushing that thing is Crazy Very Happy
    first i had to wait for a while n take it easy on the bike to break in the engine ,,,then BOOM
    I got 160 kph today,,and it was willing to go further ,,but always traffic stayed in my way ,,i never had a kips b4 ,,,and im still new to it ,,,so i got those questions for u guys,,

    how harmful to the bike it is to get it up to high RPM as 7-10 K to open up the power valve ,,,how often u do it ?
    because the thing i noticed,,its jz like other bikes until u unleash that thing ,,then u start passing everyone else on the way,,,
    2nd question is ,,,,when do u usually shif gears when the power valve is open,,,its damn willing to go faster on the 4th or even third ,,,but on wut RPM ,,or speed would u wana shift up ? and still not harm ur bike

    Im a noob at it ,,i know Very Happy jz the rush is driving me crazy to know this thing's limit Very Happy Very Happy so please help me up a lil Very Happy ,

    Re: a ride try out :D

    Post by alldisc on Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:10 pm


    one good thing about this bike (and many 2 stroke-engine bikes in this matter)is that you can ride at any way you want it. you can go for a pleasure ride at 80-90kph or you can go all out until the petrol tank goes empty.

    you can rev as many times as long as not to push over the red-line at 10,500rpm. this is to prolong the engine's life. try it, but make sure you have good palm grip.

    one tip too remember though, do not ride at speeds too slow which can cause the power valve to get stuck ie at 5-6,000rpm.

    on normal ride, it is best to revs the engine up to 7,500-8,000rpm engine between each gear change.

    Re: a ride try out :D

    Post by jayjeffrey on Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:30 pm

    for me, my bike only has 2 revving style.

    1. Shift at 5k rpm - this rpm range has best fuel consumption, also PV will not be initiated thus reducing risk of PV related issues. Also, do NOT give more than 1/4 throttle as our carbs will give more fuel than required to operate within this rpm range thus incresing carbon deposits. (on this note... i love mikuni carbs as they give awesome throttle response over all throttle openings... kehin gives the "exposion" feeling, but sucks horribly on low end, as the matter in fact, anything below 1/4 throttle openings on keihin is crap.)

    2. Go all out till the rpm start to lose power (usual bike 10.5k rpm, varies according to each bike, but yes 10.5 the safest). This is because, anything in between 5k-10k rpm can't do shit(hopeless). You need 10k+ rpm to get into the peak powerband. And even though u waste fuel... its worth the fuels burnt =D

    Anyways, most 2 stroke engines are extremely durable given the condition that you monitor your temperatures and make sure you give sufficient 2t to your pistons. Regardless of smokeless or normal 2t, u ALWAYS see smoke during a cold start, if you don't its a sign that your 2t is not sufficient.

    Re: a ride try out :D

    Post by kr150c87 on Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:06 am

    its just like driving a car with b16a, and a b16b type R .hehe..the power of VTEC ..

    Re: a ride try out :D

    Post by jayjeffrey on Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:24 am

    speaking of vtec, i just saw a b16a with BOT on my friend's workshop few days ago. Boosting at 0.8bar and a whoppin 360+hp. Though im not really a fan of VTEC.... im a fan of SUPERKIPS! lol =D

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    Re: a ride try out :D

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